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My Awesome Eights of Needs Assessment

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

As we are all aware, needs assessment is a critical process that involves "determining the needs or gaps between current and desired outcomes." In essence, it serves as the cornerstone of strategic planning. Drawing from my experience as a seasoned professional, I consistently rely on these fundamental principles to navigate the strategic planning process. It's imperative to grasp the context, engage with stakeholders, and define desired outcomes in any given scenario, as failure to do so can jeopardize your ability to establish connections and achieve success. You might be pondering, "What exactly are these fundamental principles?" Well, they are straightforward yet paramount. The fundamental principles of strategic planning are encapsulated in eight essential questions that must be addressed before embarking on any project. Failing to answer these "Awesome 8" questions can signal potential challenges ahead. Below, I've outlined these crucial inquiries for your careful consideration:

  1. **What is our overarching objective or goal?

  2. **What resources will be required to accomplish our goal?

  3. **Who are the key stakeholders involved in this endeavor?

  4. **Where will the actions and initiatives take place?

  5. **Why have we chosen to pursue this initiative?

  6. **When is the timeline for project commencement and completion?

  7. **How will we execute and realize our plan?

  8. **Who will provide the necessary resources and support?

Once these eight questions have been thoughtfully addressed, you are well on your way to initiating and successfully concluding any project. It is crucial to ensure that you have clear answers to these "Awesome 8" questions before embarking on your project. Without a clear starting point, the path to success remains elusive. Remember that needs assessment is well within your control, so always hold it firmly in your grasp, and never allow it to slip away.

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