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My Time in Togo

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

As regular readers of my articles are aware, my primary focus revolves around topics related to education. I invest my utmost effort into my writing, striving to avoid oversimplification. However, I find myself particularly inspired today, prompting me to complete my post on my recent experiences in Togo.

Around November 3rd, I embarked on a fellowship in Kara, Togo, where I currently find myself at the American Corner, situated on the University of Kara campus. The atmosphere here is welcoming, with both students and faculty displaying warmth and hospitality. Life in Kara presents a certain rustic charm; you won't find any fried chicken or hamburger franchises in this part of the world. The climate is notably hot and dry, though the promise of rain looms on the horizon as April heralds the start of the rainy season. Like many West African nations, Togo faces its share of challenges, a topic that requires no further elaboration. Nonetheless, the resilient Togolese people persevere, maintaining their hope and dedication to forging a brighter future.

Having navigated the introductory portion, I turn my attention to my observations regarding the education system here in Togo, with a specific focus on the students at the University of Kara.

To be candid, the students at this university in Kara are, in essence, no different from their counterparts across the globe. They possess a wealth of knowledge but lack the experiential wisdom that only time and real-life experiences can impart. Experience is a teacher that cannot be replicated, and the guidance of mentors, while invaluable, can only go so far. Time and real-life encounters are unparalleled educators.

These students in Kara are making pivotal educational choices that will significantly impact their future trajectories. Regrettably, there are few individuals here equipped to offer the guidance they require in navigating this critical juncture. Togo is witnessing a burgeoning population of young people, exposed to opportunities and choices their parents could only dream of. Young Togolese individuals, across the nation, are energetically forging their paths into the future.

My hope, fervently, is for these emerging young leaders to become pioneers of success within Togo. Beyond their personal accomplishments, I aspire to see them give back to their communities. The students of the future require mentors to illuminate the path ahead, and as we all know, the road to progress is forged by the footsteps of those who dare to tread it.

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